Subtle. Smart. Straightforward. Sincere.
VHBOX is a design house dedicated to the preservation of simplicity and elegance in a world of ever-increasing complexity. We create lifestyle accessories with organic designs that will instantly resonate with you, and feel like part of your daily routine from the moment you pick them up. Our designs at once pay tribute to the classics and embrace modernity, striving to unite the perfect and the organic

“4S” design philosophy: Straight-forward, Sincere, Subtle, Smart

Preserve the Earth. Preserve the Future.

At VHBOX, creating innovative designs is a core philosophy. But part of that innovation is making sure we use the latest technologies and smart design to ensure our products cause minimal environmental effects. We consider the impact on the earth at every step of our design process, from choosing our raw materials to optimizing our packaging design for minimum waste. We feel it’s part of our duty to make sure our designs improve your life, and that means taking care of the planet we share, too.

The Designers

Gang and Ray were united by a common philosophy: that every design should have a meaningful existence. Louis Sullivan, the father of modern design, said that form follows function. Gang and Ray build on that concept, striving in every aspect of their craft to improve the lives of the people who come to own their designs. They believe that every object should have meaning for its owner.Prior to forming VHBOX, Gang and Ray have also collaborated with Sony, Nokia, Olympus, LaCie, and Lenovo, among many others.

Their work has been internationally recognized with awards in several countries, including Germany’s prestigious Red Dot Award, the G-Mark in Japan, and CES’s Innovation Award.